Car registration document

At police checks and road tolls present preferably, to avoid confiscation of the original, a color photocopy of registration
International Driving Licence

In France, the international licence is issuedl in view of your national driving license. It is free and valid for three years. The French driver's license is recognized by the Convention in all Member States of the European Union.

Outside the EU, some countries require that the French driver's license must be accompanied by an International Driving License. The cardboard cover pages indicating the right to drive, and the first inside page is printed in French. The others are translated into several languages, which must include English, Spanish and Russian.

The current French model includes in its inside pages German, English, Arabic, Spanish and Russian. Thus, it is readable in most countries.

In France, to obtain it, you must contact the prefecture or sub-prefecture of your home. Remember to take with you two recent identical photographs, your national license valid, proof of identity, the completed application form (issued by the Prefecture) and possibly proof of address may also be claimed .

To verify this information (2009) are still current, contact them before you move.

Temporary entrance card

The temporary entrance card, (CPD), is an international customs document that identifies the vehicle and allows him to return temporarily in a foreign country. It is mandatory in some countries to ensure that you do not leave the vehicle there and it is indeed a temporary import. The temporary entrance card of customs clearance is not necessary for Europe.

How it works?
On entering the country with the vehicle, the customs sign and stamp the component input of the CPD, note the date and name of the customs office on the component input. The latter is detached from the CPD and stored in a file. When leaving the vehicle, the customs sign and stamp the component output and note the date and name of the customs office. If you leave the country without the vehicle, the amount of your deposit is paid for lost customs of countries visited.

Where get the CPD?
The temporary entrance card is issued by international organizations of the AIT (Internationale Alliance of Tourism) and FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile).

In France it is the Automobile Club d'Ile de France who delivers. To get it you must deposit a check or obtain a bank guarantee amounting to 100% of market value (quotztion by guide to secondhand car prices) vehicle with a minimum of 2,300 € for a vehicle whose value does not exceed € 2300 (vehicle old) except for: the Iran (150% of the market value of the vehicle with a minimum of 3,200 €) and the EGYPT (250% of the market value of the vehicle with a minimum of 3850 €)


Automobile insurance

The green card covers the vehicle while it is in the countries covered (see the list on the green card) for an unlimited time. Repatriation insurance is limited to 90 days, beyond which it can purchase insurance type Europ Assistance.

For travel within the country "out of green card insurance" must take "frontier insurance"