Our World Tour began in 2011. There will be several stages. We crossed Central Asia in 2011 .... by road!
But after this findings that Woki is not an amphibious vehicle ... we need for the next departure and the next continents, another means of transport. In the jungle of information in which we sink, we share with you our research:

Transport mode choice

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you can travel Ro-Ro, flat rack containers, break bulk
Various stakeholders

How to navigate between the shipping company, freight forwarder, shipping agent, insurance broker, ....

In addition to English, you must learn to decipher abbreviations: BSRA - CAD - ISPS - THC ....

The main companies

Information and links to the most famous Grimaldi, SeaBridge, CMA-CGM, Overseas, Schumacher ....
shipping agents

Experiences of other globe-trotter and backpackers, shipping agents they used

Follow your vehicle in real time, the experiences of other globe-trotter