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Note: all detail are given for information only, monitoring and prescription are required to undertake a long journey. (2011 - 2012)


Aid kit

Your doctor and pharmacist are there to advise you. Do not forget your usual treatment. Ask a prescription with the drug's name but also the name of the molecule or INN: International Nonproprietary Name. The International Nonproprietary Names facilitate the identification of pharmaceutical substances or active pharmaceutical ingredients. It was designated by the World Health Organization to be used without ambiguity in many languages. Know your INN medicines: here

Here are some suggestions, but it's of your doctor  to prescribe the medication best suited to each patient because he knows the each history (allergic terrain ..):

- Analgesic and antipyretic (paracetamol is preferred) - Anti-diarrheal
- Intestinal plasters - anti-secretory
- Rehydration sachets (ORS) - Antiemetic (anti vomiting)
Broad spectrum antibiotic (acts on many bacteria) - Antiallergic
- Urinary antiseptic - Antiseptic skin in single dose
- Antihistamine - Local anti-inflammatory
- Cons itching ointment (bites mosquitoes) - Preventive antimalarial use (if necessary)

Other non-medical products - Provide a certificate bilingual French / English for customs controls, including syringes.

- Cream for burns and sunburn - Eye lotion (single-dose packaging)
- Unbreakable thermometer - Strips (small adhesive strips)
- Dressing for blister (ampulla) - A fine-tipped
- Repellent against mosquitoes - Protection against malaria
- Disinfectants
- Dressing kit (bandages, tape, scissors, tweezers, support bandage, safety pins)
- Set of single-use equipment (needles, syringes, suture material ...)
- 3.0 suture thread, even if you do not sew, a professional will do with quality materials

For hygiene

- Toilet Paper - Gel or hydroalcoholic solution for hands
- Saline - Soap Box with cord for hanging or hang it around his neck time to shower

Medications should be carried away in their packaging and not in bulk (saves space in the luggage but possible source of error). Take a sheet which contains the drug name, in which case the dosage and your usual treatment


Water Treatment

The risks are especially infectious. The pathogens are mostly set on an organic or not (the importance of filtration before any water treatment). It recognizes three types of agent:

- Bacteria: E. Coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Cholera.
- Virus: real "parasite" of a living cell.As a rule they are fragile in the external environment, but hepatitis A could survive 3 months in soil and wastewater at 25 °C.
- Parasites: giardiasis, amebiasis, cryptosporidiosis. Their ability to form cysts gives them great strength in the external environment and chemical agents.

3 methods are used to decontaminate drinking water: heat, chemical (chlorine derivatives), filtration.

Our Toyota is equipped with 2 tanks light-tight, black polyethylene, for cold water. We have chosen to treat some of the water with a filter Katadyn Combi Plus filter (left) to wash vegetables and fruits to cook. Same as Combi for excursions, it also comes with a kit faucet. Ideal in our case to plug directly into the sink of Toyota. We can also unplug it and use it when hiking.

The Katadyn Combi combines a silver impregnated ceramic element and a refillable, activated carbon cartridge. It is effective against bacteria and protozoa and also reduces chemicals and bad taste.

There are other ways to treat water.

For disinfection of water (including drinking water) can also use the bleach has traditional 2.6 per cent (chlorine) in vial al ready obtained employment or after dilution berlingot recharge has rate of 6 drops (ie 0, 30ml) per liter of water and wait 10 minutes before consumption. There is a formula in dropper (DrinkwellChlore ®). In this case, allow 3 drops per liter of water 1 hour before consumption.

The use of tablets to purify water that destroy viruses, bacteria and amoebae. A simple solution since it suffices to let the pads do a few minutes to get water for consumption. But be careful to taste! And travel long runs, it must provide a large quantity.

In the range Micropur, there are several models, you see one that corresponds to your journey Micropur Forte for rapid and effective disinfection of water (use a clear water). Micropur Classic, to conserve water avoiding the proliferation of bacteria in the tanks. Micropur antichlor to remove the chlorine taste. Use after treatment with Micropur Forte.

In all cases, to obtain bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth.

Health insurance

We'll leave course with health insurance. Patrick is studying various options to ensure overseas for over a year. To be continued ....

In France, the group AVI offers a "Plan Marco Polo" which we can provide for a period of 2 months to 1 year (renewable). They even have a senior formula!Their performances are interesting:
- Reimbursement of actual costs of health - repatriation assistance - Liability insurance

By spending a few hours on the web pages of those who travel in time, we read on "To use the Marco Polo plan that we endorsed a perfect fit. No problems for reimbursements. In India we have repeatedly requested their assistance in finding a doctor or hospital. We had appointments quickly and AVI has supported the costs directly. » Rather reassuring!

For their part, insurance AXA offer the phrase "Support expatriates" for stays over 90 days out of France. There is also the IMA (Inter Mutuelle Assistance) which we often see the name appear in the forums. And why not Europ Assitance with a range of services or World Travel Assitance with a solution Globe Trotter.

Patrick will have got a lot to do !

DRESSING: the feet of gecko inspired adhesive wet
Small hairs on the legs of the gecko can cling, like Velcro, to vertical surfaces and even in wet conditions. Researchers at the University of Akron just be inspired to create a synthetic adhesive that sticks to wet, as the body for surgical operations or on wet surfaces. Conclusions presented in the Journal of Experimental Biology of September 2012
"If you put a single drop of water under the toe of a gecko, the outer membrane repels water. This anti-wetting property helps to explain how geckos move in wet tropical conditions and do not fall from trees in the rain in the tropics, " the authors explain.

Their findings will contribute to improve the adhesion of bandages, sutures and other devices dressing in wet envrionment.

"Nature gives us a number of clues that point us in the right direction, help us to understand the limitations and how to handle the materials." For this experiment, the geckos were drawn on a glass surface through a small soft harness.
The development of a synthetic dry adhesive: This study has allowed the development of a synthetic dry adhesive composed of carbon nanotubes, which surpass even "nature"
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