Passport, driving license, ... will be copied into several copies for not giving the originals of checks a little doubtful. It is also advisable to scan them and either put them on its hard drive if you travel with a computer, which is our case, or store them online. Il faudra aussi prévoir des photos d'identité en grande quantité. It will also provide passport photo in large quantities.
All information on this page for the administration and the French approaches. You can find on: administration

We have consulting a lot of banks to know their conditions, the amounts of costs and how far they could follow us in our project.

For example, make sure to leave before the date of expiration of our credit card did not in the middle of the journey. You can ask before starting a renewal in advance.

We must start by knowing how to contact the bank in case of problems, noting many details (telephone, fax, mail) in a safe place to be able to object if lost or stolen.

To make a cash withdrawal from an abroad cash dispenser, the card must be an international card and wear the logo Visa or Eurocard / MasterCard. But beware, any withdrawal by CB or in the office of a foreign bank and especially outside the Euro zone, resulting necessarily on your account statement by a foreign exchange transaction, then charges.

Moreover, by country, the amount of withdrawals by card is limited to a certain amount per week. Make enquiries before you go. Patrick met a counselor from the HSBC bank in its contract proposes a withdrawal of money from abroad free in all ATMs HSBC worldwide.
They are present in major cities of South America, as we begin our journey without further difficulties.

We also follow the advice found on "lipocamp" taking different cards on different accounts.  We can only count on ourselves to manage our accounts from abroad have to use the Internet to manage our accounts in line