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The purpose of this section is to list our events in all areas, providing new information, links to Wokipi web pages that already exist but containing updates and links to external events.

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Our main news :

2016, our Trip during 2 months : West Africa, with KAP

2011, our Trip during 7 months : Central Asia and The video clip of this trip

Our participation and our Wokipi stand at the International Kite Festival at Dieppe :2016 - 2012 - 2010

The most important European exhibition of the Adventure and All-terrain Abenteuer & Allrad in: 2015 2014, 2012 and 2010

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  The latest thing of website
  2017 January Our West African trip with KAP
  2017 Our wishes for 2017 !
  October Blog Wokipi takes off .... It is now independent and can be found on http://www.wokipi.fr/
  September The Wokipi team at Buschtaxi Treffen, an institution in the world of Toyota,
  July, 25 Wokipi has followed in video the return of "4 Pichons Voyageurs" to their native Britain after a year of travel on the roads of Central Asia
  June 2015 The Photo gallery of Abenteuer & Allrad 2015 , the most important European exhibition of the Adventure and off road
  February, 12 Have a good time with Wokipi! Make a model paper of the Toyota HZJ78
  January Updating "countries and their practical information": Euro is the new currency of Lithuania
  January 2015 Wishes of Wokipi Team (Patrick & Patricia)
  June 2014 The video of Abenteuer & Allrad 2014 , the most important European exhibition of the Adventure and off road
  May 2014 Video of changing the gearbox, the transfer box and clutch, for a HDJ80 model
  March 2014 Travel : Practical information about 155 countries
  February 2014 Update the page photo with new equipment
  January 2014 All ou wishes for this new year !
  July 2013 A Tout Vent : Video of the festival where Wokipi show aerial Kite Picture and the Video about "Standbeest" of Theo Jansen
  April 2013 For the first ime for Wokipi : Sand art Design an Kite Aerial pictures - Berck sur Mer
  March 2013 Navigation: Attention, Touratech no longer sells the software and maps TTQV is QuoVadis with Joachim Bungert which distributes
    Update page: How we make request for our visas during our travel
  February 2013 Central Asia Newsletter : construction in the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Paris
    Shipping : Container size, different modes of transport, the main companies, lexicon to find one's way
  January 2013 Wishes of Wokipi Team
    wokipi.fr , Our blog to communicate more quickly with you before and during our next trip
  December 2012 The video clip of our trip to Central Asia
    Meet Brigitte, Courrier du Voyageur, the Paris Boat Show
    Dressing: the feet of gecko inspired adhesive wet
  Nov.2012 Video of the Baptism of Konstantin, the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky - Russian Orthodox Church in Paris
  September Other modifications to improve our comfort live aboard Woki
    Our participation and our Wokipi stand at the International Festival of Dieppe Kite 2012
  August 2012 Traveling with Baby: drive? by plane? Identity documents, nutrition, the Babywearing
    Women in travel: the part of women, health, travel pregnant
    When kites are used by the Chipayas to practice hunting flamingos in Bolivian Altiplano
    Two new articles in presse : L'essentiel du Camping-Car et la revue de presse du festival de Dieppe 2012
    Creating our new logo for our next trip, inspired from Kokopelli
  June 2012 Some modifications in Desert-Tec with a change of 2 wheeling hubs: drawing and pictures Step by Step
    European Toyota Land Cruiser J4 / J5 meeting: Boofzheim - june 2012
    Two new kites for our next departure: the legendary Tramontana
    The most important European exhibition of the Adventure and offroad 2012 : Abenteuer & Allrad
  April 2012 Central Asia Letter: For the bicentennial, the Cossacks are the footsteps of Napoleon
  March 2012 KAP - Airshpis hangar - Ecausseville
  February 2012 Satellites to track mosquitoes of dengue: CNES and Sanofi Pasteur announce the launch of a pilot project to map areas at risk from dengue fever by using new technologies of satellite imagery.
  January 2012 Newspaper la Revue du Cerf-volant club de France
    Central Asia Letter: ALTAI: We found the "cradle" Siberian Native American
    Interview direct in radio broacast Allo la Planète - Radio leMouv' - le 6 janiver.
  Dec. 2011 A newspaper article " Le Parisien" : Après l'Asie, ils rêvent d'Amérique
    Wokipi wishes
  Nov. 2011 Central Asia Letter - News of Central Asia
  October 2011 Autumn Week-end of Kite Aerial photographs - Cerf-volant Club de France - Cepoy
  May - Nov. 2011 Follow our trip on our pages : Central Asia  (with google trad)
  A video of Association Ballons Pirates whose aim is to promote the arts flying
  April 2011 Our last festival before hitting the road, Berck sur Mer, with a few aerial photos
    To change the wheel more easily ... with foot and head of a jack!
    Number 14 of Univers Toy' was published. 6 pages on WOKIPI project, entilted : Paré pour le tour du Monde
    Last changes in LM4X4 and demonstration of mounting / dismounting tires using tyrepliers
    april, 2 : That's it! Patrick has created the banner "Central Asia" to our website during our trip ... Give us your feedback!
  March 2011 March 18: Patrick leaves our form Visas: Russia + business 2 entries Mongolia at Action Visa (Paris 13th)
    March 18: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch ... Rabies first injection. It hurts .... for the wallet: The report of vaccines
    When our friends are spoiling us ... Wokipi embroidered badges
    An article will be publish in the next April article of Univers TOY '
    New modifications to Woki and a big thank you to the Goupil family for their hospitality and their help!
    We just received our solar balloon made by "Ballon solaire - Solis Nébula"
  February 2011 The route is planned, we must now examine the visa ....
    A big thank you to Elena Tarasenko for the Russian translation of our leaflet to show and explain KAP. We can present it to authorities (if required) for permission to fly and take aerial photographs.
    Not bad! we just get vaccinated against typhoid. As we changed our itinerary, we will have to rethink vaccines. Patrick go to the Institut Pasteur and they say: You've a bonus, the vaccine against rabies and more is 3 injections .. not easy !
    Start for Central Asia to May 15, 2011, see the itinerary
  January 2011 A new device : Toughbook CF19 with WOKIPI and overhaul of pages Means / Computer
    Wokipi Wishes for 2001
  December 2010, december 20 - We sold our apartment, we go to rent Removal under the snow !!
    When government meddle with it ... Change of plan with a new itinerary!
    Our project WOKIPI is much in evidence on blog des cerfs-volistes of FFVL... A big thank you!
  November Presentation kites in Asia and project WOKIPI Albert (80): the Middle Kingdom, between heaven and earth
    Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) Helps NGO Engineers develop infrastructure
    Uploaded a video of the Grand Combat of patangs in India
  October 2010 30: We sign a lease ... in our city, we become tenant from 16 November. We begin to think moving and boxes ... And since two months we sort, throw, give and sometimes we sell!
    28: That's it! our apartment is finally sold. We left on December 29 (deadline). We need to find a renting
    Patrick received for his birthday a great gift: F10 Kite offered by OK Mistral
    Plastica, our little plastic girl, finds a new family!
  September 24: Appointment to the Institute Pasteur (Paris) for a "consulting advice to all passengers departing" and immunization for yellow fever!
    The International Kite Festival of Dieppe is celebrating its 30 years ... WOKIPI has a stand of Aerial photography
    9: We just signed the sales agreement to our apartment and tomorrow we leave for Dieppe
  August 2010 News equipments for Woki
  July 2010 Acquisition of new equipment for the aérophoto: A Sutton Flowform 16 "Becot" and new rigs
  June 2010 Additional modifications for Woki : seats - suspension - second solar panel...
    Woki exposed to the largest European exhibition of the Adventure and All-terrain « Abenteuer & Allrad »
  May 2010 Wokipi take part in KAPINED/10, an international conference on kite aerial photography - See the report

  April 2010 In late April, we obtain two new devices for video and aerial photoraphie: Ricoh GX200 and Caméra GoPro HD
    First release! and new aerial photography kite : Berck and Cayeux
    A busy winter sewing and crafts ... The cushions are finished and installed before our first weekend of kites.
    An offer of one of our partners, La Rose des Vents :
If you wish to order materials from them, they take you automatically advantage of 5% discount on all orders if you coming from us and entering the promotional code "WOKIPI" on your order form (step 3).


  March 2010 Something new on the prevention of malaria in the category Travel Health
    Now Wokipi on Facebook and on twitter ... Patrick is too on Facebook
    Direct 8 is a French television (DTT) spent on broadcasting livepen to the world, ecology is the pride of this channel. Patrick was invited to speak to talk about the kite, wind corridors and wind music.
    Since one month we sort and throw a lot of paper. What we can cram in 25 years! We also give a lot. Every day in my office is distributing ... My colleagues know that we empty our apartment, but not why. Our two "parachutist teddy" now adopted by two boys, Victor and Farel ... And for now I think dads as they play!
    It is ... The cushions of mattress and seats are finished. For the sheets "sleeping bag" flap folding bed ... Soon photos online. We will not lay down for a patent on this ingenious ... though!

  February 2010 An excerpt of the video of Etienne Chambolle on "pirate balloons Rio" - Discovery balloons
    Superb videos on History Aerial photography: from 1917 (WWI) to today
    In this research to find how sotcker what we keep, Patrick has found the solution container or shipping container. So we opted to purchase a container of 20 feet (length about 6 m, 2.44 m wide with a height 2.59 m) from the Dezel company to Valognes (50). Thank you again to those who will ensure storage. News online upon delivery at the Hangar! To be continued
    Still good news ... 2010 starts well! The German company Scheel-Mann gives us a Sonderpreise (special rate) on the two front seats, model Vario, we will install by Desert-Tec early June ... To be continued

  January 2010 We begin to canvass a few partners. The record partnership is finalized and online (now in french, Englhish in progress). We need equipment for Toyota, computers, cameras ....
We entered very late in the international conference Kapined/10 (aerial photography kite), but the good news is coming at the wright moment : It's ok, our enrollment is taken into account ..