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Our trip around the World, World Kite Picture, with the theme aerial photography requires some specific equipments. A large box in the vehicle is reserved for rigs, cameras and radio controls. The lines of the kites will be stored in an other box with the shoes and we have a box outside for our kites.
Kites for KAP
We use a Rokkaku kite, which means "6 sides, is used in Japan for combat kite as it may be controllable. But it is also remarkable for its reliability in flight and easily transportable
At the KAP meeting organized by the CVCF, we saw the Delta R8 of Emmanuel Leconte and his flying skills.

Convinced by this kite, we contacted the designer, Dan Leigh, to order one. Dan makes it on request!

At left, during its manufacture (the red and black spi ...).

Delta R8 has a wingspan of about 3 m and easily lifts a 600g aerial camera rig as Flowform 16 or Conyne Delta with similar wind span, but with greater stability and higher flight angles. There is extra reinforcing on fin and wings

See more about kites by Dan Leigh
We also leave with the F10, Delta Conyne modified (left), that we have received in october, 2010, almost for Patrick's birthday. It designed and offered by Michel Trouillet and his team .

On the right, during construction in the OK Mistral workshop.

Regularly confronted with the Mistral and Tramontana, they wanted to design a kite for very strong wind. This kite is made for very high wind.

"The kite is made with spinnaker an metallized dacron from the perspective of good visualization in flight or a radar reflectivity for some recommendations of Air Navigation. F10 is a maneuverable kite in strong winds
and a remarkable ability to climb even disturbed area (city centers, drills, relief ...). "

More about
the story of this kite Force 10(blog in french) and diaporama : Partenariat WOKIPI / OK Mistral

During our participation in Kapined, we recovered a Sutton Flowform 16 "Becot"" that we purchased from KapShop, on the advice of Peter Bults.

Dimensions: width 3.5 ft (1,06 m)- 4.5 ft (1,37 m) height for an area of 16 sqft (1,5 m2) and its U-shaped tail, give this little kite, very convenient storage and easily put in flight, a good flight stability.

This Flowform took the name of our friend's Christian (Becot) because he has made four changes to the existing model Flowform 30. So we start with 4 carrying kites for Aerial photography.

So we start with 4 kites for Aerial photography
Stunt Kites

During our trip we meet the others, especially children. We hope our kites are good vectors of meetings. We make fly training !

For this, we need small kites, to go into our inside box. They must be adapted to for beginners. Their qualities: strong but lightweight, big enough for flights slow and precise but small enough to fit into our coffers ... because there are any spare parts to repair if dropped.

The French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL) heard our request and offered us two AcroKites with Educ'en Ciel logo. (pictured right). Our first flights confirmed that this kite is well suited to the initiation of flying.

We are pleased to be able, in addition, convey the value of this ambitious project of FFVL, which "aims to develop a true culture of the air by the declination, the adaptation of all sports practices of free

flight - Kite, kite, paragliding, delta - in educational and recreational activities for youth contact "

In our gift pack we also found two small power kites that we have not yet tried, and a sticker of the logo FFVL, we immediately stuck to the back of Woki!

During our first trip to Central Asia (2011), we initiated children to fly with stun kites offered by the FFVL, acrokites (see above). Strong and light, they have been perfect. But it has lacked a kite bigger, with a different flying, a bit more technical but quite slow, both for us (for easier flying in team) but also to lend to children as they begin fly enough well with AcroKites.
We contacted Invento, which was immediately interested in the Wokipi project and offered to choose two stunt kites in the range HQKite. On their advice we chose the Tramontana.

The original Tramontana is a milestone in stunt kite history. In 1995 its sail amazed many because of round cut panels which were connected not by felled seam but with sail maker seams.

Today, sail maker seams are a vital feature of every kite but in 1993 they provided a remarkable visual highlight.

From 1996 Invento organized an annual "Tramontana Action-Tour", giving pilots the opportunity to test fly this kite.

Tramontana became legendary and over the years a large fan community developed. Being a large full-size kite, it convinces though its calm and majestic flying abilities. This elegant kite has the ability to master contemporary tricks and flying styles without any jitter.

Especially flying styles containing floating elements really show the strengths of Tramontana.
Tramontana was one of the first kites manufactured in Germany, which was able to compete with equivalent designs made in America. The original Tramontana was succeeded by two further generation (Tramontana 2000 and 2001).
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