A World Tour is funded first and foremost through his personal savings! However, we are not against any material aid that could help us make by our partners: Hardware shooting, kite, balloon ..

This desire to go on a journey of several years around the world is not new. For over twenty years we think. 20 years of thought ... so 20 years during which we organize around this dream that one day become reality.

Besides, we did not take much time. But there was always feeble "good excuse": work, home, family ... Finally, we utilized all these years to support our project with two main thrusts: to save and not to credit.

Both sets are not always easy to juggle.

In 2000, Patrick was fired for economic reasons. The money recovered during the negotiations left the Account "Travel". Consulting during many hours on forums and websites of other travellers, currently on other continents, we believe our average budget of 1 000 euros per month, excluding shipping.

Neither one nor the other to retire worker and having no income other than our savings, we decided that selling our apartment would be part of our capital "Travel". Easy to say ... less easy to achieve.

The hardest thing is not for sale, but the fact of the empty, to get rid of all those little things that clutter our lives and become .... Homeless without address. There, it gets stuck just opposite the government. (see detail in Administrative Information)

We will also need to sort our affairs, utensils and other objects and put them on sale in the flea markets .... For the moment we do not yet know if we're going to sell all our kites and dioramas, or if we find a space of a cellar or attic for storage.
2010, december 20
We sold our apartment, we go to rent
Removal under the snow !!

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