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Perso website Website of our friend Christian Bécot enthousiaste for photography by kite and poles. We follow his advices. The site of Nicolas Chorier must be discovered without moderation. Gorgeous images from the sky! We were in to an immense work of art and for a moment we have distracted ourselves
  Kite Aerial Photography These web pages will be a journal of sorts, a place to gather and record notes regarding a developing interest in aerial photography from kites. Charles C. Benton - California. James S. and Susan W. Aber - Kite aerial photography (KAP) is a form of remote sensing--collecting information about an object from a distance. Kite Aerial Photography - He has been taking aerial photos since late 2002. Information about rig. Personal portofolio with aerial photographye images taken by kites Gerco de Ruijter' s photography and the Dutch landscape - they appear to be the perfect match Charles Hall - Information on KAP book, KAP rigs, Kites reels, pulley comparisons, kies ands balloons ang photo gallery. Archaeological sites within West Lothian are probably much more significant than has been previously recognised. The use of kite aerial photography in a community and archaeological context is a primary interest. Lars R. Larsen : My first experiments with kite aerial photography go back to 1968, but I started again seriously when I met Michel Dusariez, President of the KAPWA,


KAPshop designs and assembles systems for aerial photography using kites (KAP), balloons (BAP) or poles (PAP) to lift the camera. This site is designed to get you up to speed fast with the necessary equipment for Kite Aerial Photography. Products to help remote photographers produce stunning results
Kites and Balloons Kite History 400 years BC to today with the assistance of national and international. Airships and balloons history
Travelers Their project: since 2004 a "stroll" through some 54 countries on 5 continents. Left with Prosper II, a Toyota 4x4 HZJ 79. Their roadmaps are very comprehensive These On The Road Biking pages have detailed travel stories, travel tips, photos, maps and videos about their six year world cycling tour, which started on July 31, 2006.
  http://www.globetour A couple and their three children around the world with a Land Rover Defender 130 has cross Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America until September 2009. Three years of wandering in the backpack of the United States via South America, Australia, Indonesia, Africa .. We also loves this website for its aesthetic ! Website in German by our friend Hans, who leaves with a Toyota equipped by Desert-Tec.Very nice gallery of photos. Website in German. Brigitte and Wolfgang' Travel with a Toyota HZJ 78 by Desert-Tec, in October 22, 2009, for South America Website in German and English - Alliance between travel and photos Instead of taking a honeymoon, they decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and travel the world for a year (13 months, actually). The World by Road is an expedition that has successfully circumnavigated the globe through 68 different countries, over 6 continents, covering 70,000 miles. Two years from the start of the expedition,
Traveler Forum Pas seulement un forum de voyageurs, mais aussi des informations pratiques pour bien préparer un voyage
Toyota Land Cruiser The Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Australia In German, all about Toyota. And a gathering every year in September: Das Treffen Buschtaxi
Equipments Access to the database of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's (NGA) and the U.S. Board on Geographic Names' (U.S. BGN). In this global database of waypoints is a complete listing by country of waypoints with their name and address. Quo Vadis - The reference in the browser software Since 2000, one of the leading French satellite communication, including Inmarsat Isaphone Pro that we have chosen. Availability and listening are the strength of this team In Spanish. MAPEAR : Argentines Cards Electronics. This site has developed a mapping for Garmin GPS, totally free after registration Digital mapping for GPS available for Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru Products and filters for water treatment while traveling. Information on water quality and health advice on a trip.
Health Medical News in the world with fact sheets on infectious diseases (prevention - treatment). Vaccination Center WHO web site - Useful recommendations for travel vaccinations mandatory and a brochure to download: International Travel and Health
Travel agency Excepcion Argentina is a travel agency specialized in Argentina, Patagonia and Chile Trips for cargo. Travel in ro-ro to Argentina
Administrative ADAC - German Automobile Club for the Book of Customs clearance. An excellent site to convert all currencies, very useful
Insurance AVI International - 28 rue de Mogador - 75009 Paris - tél : +33 (0).
  http://www.mondial-assistance Mondial Assistance offers Globe Trotter Solution, travel insurance and assistance specifically designed for private travel long term.
  http://www.europ-assistance Contract of insurance worldwide under certain conditions