In our previous trips we always had a return date, requiring paid leave. We always come back with a little frustrated at not being able to devote more time to others and ourselves. With this long trip we decided to do, we will finally take the time to see, listen, be available for all kinds of meetings.

We could in this page comment on our previous trips, year by year or by country. But this would have shown few interest.
A trip is something difficult to tell, especially years later. It is a state of mind at some point, it is the encounter with others, their cultures, their lives, places where they live.

"living abroad", Patrick has more experience than me. He spent his childhood in Cote d'Ivoire. He has very fond memories of evenings spent out with the Ivorians on talking and laughing for hours. He also spent several months in the United States, another culture other lifestyle.

We have a common point, we do not like organized tours, they do not correspond to our way of life. We have always travelled both, with our trusty travelling companion, our Toyota, which has provided thousands of km covered during our holidays.
So we mixed all our memories to bring out the essential, our last key, and you do share what drives us to go on a long journey short.
The meetings, we have often made on the markets. And markets, there are in most countries of the world. We get to enjoy it! They are magical places, genuine, where the sounds, smells, the colors are different from one country to another, from one region to another.
They are places of life that take you to the heart of civilization as you cross. What happiness to go with the crowd, taste products hitherto unknown. Whether there just to stroll or go shopping, the market is a must for our trips.

There are markets that we will never forget. Like this one where we have sympathized with these merchants, took some pictures and return to France, we have sent to Selim, the vegetable seller. (Pictured right)

Our route brought us one days on this market. We were greeted like royalty, Selim has offered us a Coke for him is much better than the traditional tea, another vendor has brought us two chairs and many have offered vegetables, fruit ....

So we were sitting among the onlookers, at first a little embarrassed, and finally quite amused by this situation out of our Westerner dens.

Moreover, we often stopped to meet people in their work or the workplace.

In Eastern Turkey we met with a baker.

With my few words of Turkish, I explain that my father is a baker and also that we would spend part of the night with his team to see them made the Turkish bread (ekmek).

The next day, he greets us with enthusiasm ... at 4 o'clock in the morning. This is already the excitement.
On the road, very often we come across peasants and farmers. When we stop we share fruit, bread, watermelon. And only after some time spent together, we take them to resume their work to take some shots.

In these moments, we can not count the time passing. The rhythm of our daily is not governed by the watch.

We love the local crafts, to discover ancient manufacturing techniques that our modern world has forgotten.

Sometimes this quest leads us into situations not always controlled.
Like this time, where we found embedded in a car with strangers. Fortunately they took us in a small village for us to initiate the manufacture of traditional carpets. The line between trusting and being vigilant is sometimes so thin!
Throughout our journey we will also meet the children. We will use the experiences of our workshops and exhibitions on kite where we have hosted hundreds. In our car there will be kites for aerial photography or for play with the children (two lines kites).

Children are curious by nature, it is enough to get our "flying machines" for joining us. Patrick uses a system of dual control, which enables children to make them fly our own kites.It is easier to share special moments with the street children who do not have much. All interested them!
Children are sincere, if they love something they say it, but when they don't love they let us know that. We have always had good contacts with the younger, that entertain the most is when we try to speak their language. They make us repeat the words, laughing quite frankly our accent.
... Exchange. Even with a language we do not know ... We've spent a lot of hours trying to understand and be understood. One evening, in the villages, we might put our Toyota near the police building, to spend the night.  And it is not uncommon that we end up in "police post", with the added bonus of free drink and long conversations without really understanding.
We also appreciate the old buildings, old houses, temples, churches or palaces only if they are still "living center".
And far from civilization and bustle of cities, nature reasserts itself. At certain times of the day all parameters are combined: the colors, the atmosphere and vegetation. How to be insensitive to the beauty of these places. Better than descriptions some photos that will illustrate what can be felt:
To to sum up our expectations of our World Tour, we will take a quote from the movie "Seven Years in Tibet" and assigned to the 14th Dalai Lama :
"That all travelers find happiness regardless of their route. May they effortlessly perform the task for them. And once back safely on shore, can they, in joy, be reunited with their families. ยป "
And to continue to dream, as gifts and ecological fantasy writing and directed by Michel Trouillet, a short story offered as a greeting for this year 2010 to all those for whom the blue planet is the only cradle of life .