Want to participate in our project, join us!
A World Tour is funded first and foremost through his personal savings!

However, we are not against aid that would bring us prospective partners who wish to support this project or encourage original adventure

What you can give in the WOKIPI project
Financial support (sponsorship)
. .
Material assistance (equipment, kite, balloon, navigation, satellite communication)
. .
Help logistics (shipping, parts support ...)
. .
media relay (publications of internal or external articles)
What WOKIPI can you give to this project
Wokipi is the desire to unite our passions and to share with you: travel and meet others, photography and Aerial photography from kites or balloons. With Wokipi, non-profit-making association , you will:
Your logo and description of your company's website Wokipi
. .
Depending on your partnership, can have your logo on our vehicle
. .
Photographs selected for your internal / external communication
. .
Impact Media (quotation from our partnership in publication or interview)
Your support is precious ..... here our file Partnership
Each proposal will be studied with greater attention

Want to support the project? We offer various ways to get involved:

• Please visit this site regularly, which will evolve throughout the preparations and during our trip.
• You can also leave a little message, a comment about the website or word of encouragement for the journey.
To write or read other messages: click here or on the guestbook
Wokipi is not a commercial project, the use of this website is free and will remain ad-free. You can if you wish, make a donation to help cover these costs: hosting - Translation Site --
They are already WOKIPI partners
The Kingdom of Toyota ...repairing, converting, there is everything!
Tom and Michi real enthusiasts have their own Toyota and know whereof they speak. They prepared our vehicle for our World Tour.
Christophe PRATURLON designed solar balloons not only for aerial photography but also for applying thermo-graphic building.
He also experimented with devices to measure air quality.
  In accordance with the wishes of its founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura, the Ricoh Group strives to reduce its impact on the environment. Our aerial photograph plan by kite with a Ricoh GX 200 has seduced.   German Company, Invento, is well known in the leisure and sport activities for more than 20 years. Worldwide, kites and Windspiration products have been successfully sold under the trademark of "HQ"  
Designed in the purest tradition of saddlery German high quality, the range of SCHEEL-MANN seat will answer all your expectations.
Scheel-mann seats will probably last longer than the rest of your car
Our Wikipi project interest them
Our friend Joel Goupil developed table kinetic sculptures then he start successfully in wind kinetic structures. From design of machine tools to objects, this enthusiast wind is also a great kiter
Our friend Bruno Tondellier, developers of wind structures, dedicated to kite aerial photo-graphy and music wind. His website is a source of information and manufacturing plans for all levels
Our friend George Paisiovich has always supported us, even before Wokipi. He created the museum Kite Pelee Island, Canada, with rare and unique that we invite you to discover on his website before going to the museum!!
  The FFVL gather sports clubs and organizations whose purpose is the practice of free flying across the range of disciplines: delta, paragliding, kite flying and speed riding. Thanks for our stunt kites and wings.  
20 years of projects in all areas of wind sports challenges,educational, Aerial photography, artistic ...Club open to any culture kite flyers. It has contaminated more than 50000 children and design our kite F10.
A Com Image: aerial photography, low altitude by tethered balloon, telescopic mast, giant kite, drone and infrared thermography, by Emmanuel Leconte, professional photographer
Domaine Achat is not only a web hosting, it is a host team with a human size, responses to our questions, can be reached by mail or telephone not overtaxed.
  .Forum Histoire de Voyage, Jean-Fi is following with passion the forum members, preparaion, travel and return. A big thank to Jean-Fi, always close to us during and after the trip. HdV is more than a forum!