Born October 13, 1951 - sign: Libra

Photographer Audiovisual Manager in a large group, he turned to the business of journalst and Project Manager Media (website).

Patrick by Patricia : Patrick is like his sign. He needs to consider all possibilities before committing to a direction. Therefore he gives (he said) the impression of being indecisive.

He often asked his friends for advice and reflects their comments. He can not live alone and loves human contact. He will spontaneously to others. We mus sometimes check him a little.

He is a diplomat and in conflict situations he is a mediators to restore a healthy climate.

It is beyond imagination, coupled with a creative spirit without limit. The house is full of his "masterpieces". He says himself that his creations are sometimes risky or crazy, but always rewarding.

Patrick grew up in Côte d'Ivoire and is certainly why we do not have the same sense of time ....

His passions include photography, kites and balloons.


Born May 3, 1959 - sign: Taurus

Dietician, customer service manager in the food industry, has made a break for training of Multimedia Project Manager.

Patricia by Patrick: On a very quiet appearance, she boils like a bull (taurus) if anyone asks for her they'll get it. She never does not lose the arm.

You can count on her to adapt to all situations. She has an innate sense of organization and method.

Unbeatable information retrieval on the Web, she does not drop until she have found, so much that she forget to eat.

She has no sense of direction and horror of GPS navigation, damages, claims it will put it there.

She is open-handed and prefer to approach the more modest.What makes me call Mother "Teresa".

She does not manage the conflict and lets me easily by hand to the reports difficult.

Her passions: True friends, kites and balloons.



Patrick - Patricia Mouchague