Brand History

1951, the two birth:
the Land Cruiser and Patrick!

A little history on the Toyota.
Our Toyota

True, we are also with our Toyota Land Cruiser. We appreciate their reliability

Woki, our Toyota
It joined us in 2009.
Discover his facilities and transformations

Lunch at Menzelinsk at the end of this small town, near a lake.
21 ° C, the sun comes and the wind picks up, so we take out the kites.

Woki, son aménagement et ses transformations
Since its acquisition in 2009, our faithful companion, Woki, a Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ78, has undergone many transformation Firstly its layout to make it habitable, and then improvements. Discover step by step by clicking on the photos ... and again a big thank you to our friends, Bruno and Joel, who gave us a real hand in bringing us their expertise and Fred for his advice and many sheets!

October 2016

New look for Woki with underbody painting and adhesive lettering to highlight the website.
February 2015

Click on Wok, this little character will make you discover everything from Woki the Toyota, upside down
May 2014

Changing the gearbox, the transfer box and clutch, for a HDJ80 model

August 2012

At home of Joel: making a bottle holder with drawer, table leg supports and spoiler to avoid the rain
June 2012

Desert-Tec: change two wheeling hubs (step by step), air compressor in the engine .

April 2011

LM 4X4: prefilter, horn ..

Our friend Bruno base for the jack, protection doors

March 2011

Our friend Joel support for the Toughbook Support jerry, radiator protection,
June 2010

Desert-Tec suspension, battery, new seat, second solar panel .... and box kite by Bruno
year 2009

Vehicle choice, a land Cruiser Toyota HZJ78 and layout of Woki, germany, at Desert-Tec