Our Toyota history
Why did we choose a Land-Cruiser? Toy fans say it is reliable, robust, high-performance with a solid reputation for longevity. In addition, all the TV coverage, news, wildlife documentaries ....there is always a Toy passing. We were already convinced by its design, more so if we can find parts everywhere around the world ...
Our first Toy 1989 - Toyota BJ 75 - sheet metal - Long Chassis - 4 cylinder - 24 volt.
We bought it in 1989 and have built ourselves. Not easy when you live in an apartment. We had to squat a little in the family and among friends in the flag, but some of the time that we should devote yourself going in round trips to load and unload tools, wood, painting.

We finished in a service station which placed her garage available ... but only on Sunday. We met a handful to tinker, some preparing vehicles for the Dakar. It was also the time when we were likely to develop vehicles and vans, the great boom of the camper had not prevailed.

We had a favorite store, on Paris: Les Compagnons de Route. Lots of parts, tanks of all sizes, sinks, nuts, caps ... And the most important advice for making! This type of store no longer exists.

The hardest part was to fix the floor, elbow grease, without electric screwdriver. The living space in the back as it had reduced optimize each part. We have separated the back in 3 lengths. On the right we have built a kitchenette with a water tank of 70 liters, a sink and a hotplate, but no fridge (below left photo).

Then a cabinet that rose to the ceiling, to the closet and wardrobe. And next door, near the back door, a Porta Potti (chemical toilet) and a shower to wash off.

On the other hand, a large storage box, two boxes for clothes, one for food and cash for tools.

This chest was our bench that day. The lid is double, so the bench at evening turned into a bed of 1m wide.

But the space was taken. We should either be outside or down!

As the bench-bed was not until the back door and we did not qualify for the extra space, we added a little box with no door and put each one pair of shoes on the chest, two water jerry cans and on this jerry cans a small cooler.

A scaffolding that held for many years and thousands of km! (Pictured right)
For the choice of fabric, we searched in the reserves of the mother of Patrick: we opted for a large white and black Africans cloth. Former seamstress, she has made all the cushions with smart systems for all unfold and store everything in record time in a minimum space.

We are ready for our first outing. First night very enjoyable, despite the small width of the bed. But in a surprise dawn, or rather a construction error awaits us! By trying to maximize space, the scaffold jerry can-cooler prevents us from having access to the handle to open the rear door. We are trapped!

It remains for us to straddle between the benches out front and passenger side. This little detail will soon be resolved with a small notch in the jigsaw.

For longer trips, Patrick made a box of wooden roof painted to accommodate a table, two chairs, two basins ...

Today we know that we had a wonderful time with it, we walked a long way knowing they will rely on its reliability. Small, stocky, with a minimal comfort but very enough it was a companion of the most endearing. We have sold, not without sadness, to have a model for larger, more comfortable ....
The person who bought it made changes and sent us pictures regularly. She removed the roof box in favor of bar roof to store equipment. The interior has been revised, new boxes have replaced the kitchen. With his new look it's gone for humanitarian shipments.
Our second Toyota 1996 - Toyota PHZJ75 - pan - 6 cylinder - 24 volt

The choice of the vehicle did not even asked, it will be a pickup Toyota to put a cell. By cons we have a very long time to choose the developer. We unfortunately could not make this unit ourselves.

We were several years away in different camper exhibition to meet with manufacturers, whether in France or abroad, in Italy, Germany and Austria.

In France we have received from Toutencamion, but even if our project they are interested in building especially on the "heavy truck". We went to Macau (Bordeaux region), to visit Clémenson society to see the manufacture of their cells they could be customized.

We also took the invitation of Action Mobil, Austrian developer, which meets once a year for its customers a weekend country. We have taken full eyes. They also make facilities on Toyota! However, the French and Austrian standards are not the same, approval by the Mines (French government vehicle testing service) and registration in France is not guaranteed.

Our choice was therefore focused on ... Clémenson. But we will go bad surprises in disappointment throughout the construction and first laps. Patrick had prepared a precise specification, which has not been met, we particularly wanted the cell independent of the cab, which had not been done.

Clémenson had set the cell directly to the cabin in the bolting. The result was some constraints in the assembly, especially on this model, the roof of the cabin was original disassembled.
Our confidence in this team had taken a hard blow! Especially at this time the foreman who was monitored by our car ended up leaving the company.

Our first week of travel "test" proved daunting. Every day we had a problem. Back home Clémenson, rather than leave the check payment we left the vehicle back into compliance.

After a total of 10 months of immobilization at Clémenson and many trips, we get our Toyota. But that does not include subsequent leakage of water repeatedly, electrical problems, faulty installation of solar panels that cost us two sets of batteries to the first two years Clémenson not supported.

Fortunately the pickup Toyota is reliable, we never had any mechanical problems.

At that time, we spent a lot of our holidays and weekend in kites festivals, less time to make long journeys. And as we had no real confidence in the cell, it fell pretty good.

This allowed us to keep this camper during 13 years, without urging too. But Toyota has allways been exonerated.
Our third Toy 2009 - Toyota HZJ78 - straight-6 engine - 12 volts

Experience is ahead ofus, we have everything to learn with him
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