The story of Toyota
In 1897, when he was 30 years, Mr. Sakichi Toyoda founded his first company, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, which produced the first automatic loom in Japan. He is nicknamed the "King of Inventors".
Kiichiro, (photo left) his son, think about the future and in the twenties, he is very interested in the nascent car industry, he discovered during his various trips to the United States and Europe.

In 1933, he convinced his father that the loom are of another generation. He turn to account on the £ 100,000 sale of the company his father and built his first car: the Toyoda A very inspired vehicles from Detroit.

In November 1935 he completed the prototype of a truck, the G1. He shows it in Tokyo. (Photo left: G1). The show is a success and the government allows Kiichiro to produce the truck in series.

It is a small garage Nagoya becomes the first agent Toyoda. This garage will eventually Aichi Toyota Motors
Sales begin December 8, 1935. In 1936, the name of Toyota is adopted and the logo is invented. Thus, Kiichiro laid the foundations of the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), which he founded in 1937.

But the army took control of the factory for the manufacture of war machines. In 1950, Toyota is trying to emerge from the crisis after the war, but a major strike will force Kiichiro resigned before his death two years later.

The first Land Cruiser was released in 1951 and quickly became the military vehicle reference.  That same year Patrick pushes its first cry! (Photo left: BJ51 first Land Cruiser) ... right no picture of Patrick in 1951!

In January 2009, the Toyoda family decided to regain control of the Toyota family group with the appointment as CEO of Akio Toyoda, a grand-son of company founder, Kiichiro Toyoda