Work and improvement - april 2011

Patricie Ryder Outback Import, oriented us towards society LM4X4 Woki recent changes. We've installed a 2-tone horn, a long-range LED ramp at the radiator grill. LM4X4 offers services such as maintenance of all makes of 4x4, installing equipment, preparations engines ...

picture above, the new horn in red and below the ramp LED
The team LM4X4, Sylvain Mautret and his wife, and Pascal.

In LM4X4, we installed a pre-fuel filter ... Thank you to Patrice Ryder for "partnership" for this pre-filter! We may actually have gasoil not always "clean"


We made the decision to carry a only spare wheel and tire.

Advantage: Cost and weight.
Inconvévient: do not die a second time before having it repaired.

To overcome this possibility, Patrick has invested in a tire tyrepliers (pictured right). Rather than lengthy explanations on the functioning of this tool, a video trailer shows its use.

Tyrepliers is the only manual bead breaker to receive the endorsement of the Australian Army. It is distributed in France by Outback Import.


But what seems easy on video, asked when a bit of practice, training and muscle. A big thank you to David for this course and this live demonstration of assembly / disassembly. With great good sense he concluded: Better to do to "cool" evening in mid-afternoon under the sun.


Patrick has learned its lesson, if we burst we will replace the spare tire, and later we will arise and we will quietly cool without the manip get excited (that's in the best case, when you do die not twice in the day!)


After a few days at the festival in Berck to test one last time before we left our kites and equipment for aerial photography, we go to Bruno for making a few extra parts.

The first is the jack:

We completed the original jack by a jack 2T. Patrick has made a base-cons in marine plywood for more stability on the ground.

For the head jack does not slip and change the wheel in Mantua security, Bruno made a part (see photo on left) with pieces of recovery from a tube and a steel bar. all cut up, distorted flame, arc welded and painted.

After testing the lifting of the bridge, the adapter has been slightly modified, to remove the jack easier.

Thank you to Bernard and Charles (and others) Casa Trotter forum for this vital piece of idea, which will surely be widely copied :))


In which ideas are copied ... That of Fred ZigZag Cruiser, to secure the front doors and rear door. : small stainless steel legs. After taking the template of the doors, shaped legs (the longest to do), painted and attached with pop rivets, there is more than putting padlock to verify that everything works.

Pictured right, Joel has designed a piece of nylon to protect the dock connector (for CF19)