Work and improvement - august 2012

Since several weeks with Joel, we had planned a number of works to improve our comfort live aboard Woki. In fact, during our first trip to Central Asia we found, with Patricia, that improvements in life on board could be made.
The first of these changes was to make maximum use of space in the aisle between the fridge and the cupboard, 14 cm wide and 36 cm deep. Okay, it's not much, but as Woki is small ... It's huge!
At first, Patricia had made a cardboard template to think about the design of a small cabinet for bottles, more if it is possible. Finally, in collaboration with Joel, I made a 3-D plan (below left). The furniture is composed of a large tray on which is placed a bottle holder.


The base is 10mm square tube steel brazed to the silver solder, it also retains the fridge on the ground by a tab end of clicks steel wire springs. A drawer polycarbonate 4 mm below the ranks bottle used for vegetables. It was made by hot bending jig.
The upper part, ie the bottle-carrier was made in galvanized steel wire of 3 mm diameter spot welded by a welding clamp made by Joel. The same machine spot welding also serves to achieve its rolling-ball (see his website). Everything is easily removable for maintenance.
In progress
Before: clear space
Implementation within a millimeter
A handy part!
Second problematic: Our table is removable. When not in use, the plate is fixed to the rear wall of Woki. We have two tubes that serve as table leg (for meals in Woki or outside) with a base to the outside. During our first trip to Central Asia, the tubes of the table have been circulating around Woki (on the bed, under the bed, ..) and could occasionally be dangerous. We decided to attach them to the back door! Yes, but how??
At the Abenteuer & Allrad exhibition (Germany) we had acquired at the Land Rover stand, 2 steel racks used .... I do not know the use on the Land. They were the right size tubes up by the purest chance. They had brought in Desert-Tec, after the show, but Michi had not found the perfect solution to fix them on the door. Continuing our idea, we bought him two pieces of rail "C" for hanging pieces via other bars. A drawing (center photo above) to put my thoughts in black and white, it is with Joel, we find the best solution:
The rails "C" are cut to length and adapted to the profile of the door. They are attached to the top and bottom and glued to the aluminum side by sicaflex , the Land support slightly modified (right photo above) is fixed on the rail with steel pieces provided by Philippe Burger.
Joel also proposes to attach the tripod (he repaired it with a high density polyethylene leg stronger). He also made, always with 4mm polycarbonate, a fourth support for the tripod of the camera. And here is the result (right photo above), when you open the door it is certainly impressive and very convenient to use!
Last big improvement: at the back door, the roof is slightly inside Woki and when it rains ..... it rains inside. To overcome this problem, a rear spoiler was necessary.

We used the same polycarbonate 4 mm, advantage of this material: it can work like metal (cold bending or hot, drill, saw ...) A cardboard template was made to fit the shape back the door and projected on the polycarbonate.Joel made pieces of high density polyethylene as support spoiler (detail of these pieces, center photo).
A seal adhesive was applied Sycaflex for sealing. The interest of transparency is also to maintain the visibility of the 3rd brake light and look nice.