Work and improvement - june 2010


After our participation in The eleventh edition of « Abenteuer & Allrad » we stayed two days in Franconian Switzerland, northern Bavaria, with stunning landscapes and variety of beers!
But do not be too slow, we have an appointment with Desert-Tec to relook Woki ...


8:00 ... Michi opens the doors of the workshop and in the twinkling of an eye, Woki is on the ramp. Tomas and Michi have a long day of work before them. The organization and effectiveness of Desert-Tec is no more to prove. Replacing the exhaust pipe to another, but also quieter, which will allow us to listen to the radio while driving. Two new batteries Optima "yellow" one of 75A for equipments (refrigerator, pump, etc. ..) connected to solar panels. The other of the 55A engine.


Because of failities, it was necessary to review the suspension. A complete kit is installed OME. It includes the front: springs, shock absorbers and steering damper. The rear suspension dampers and blades.


Patrick enjoys being under the Toyota to take pictures of the two tanks of clean water (approximately 50 l each) with input and output water separated. These tanks have been mounted at the initial layout (pictured below).

Patrick also benefits from the workshop to adapt the support toolbox. Indeed, our two new seats Scheel-mann, model Vario, are larger and leave less place for the rear seats.
In the center photo, we see the transfer box, protected by a hoof. Meanwhile, I work the French translation of the Touratech TTQV 4 - Power User notice. As it is very hot outside, I took refuge in the kitchen of Desert-Tec.
While Michi set a second solar panel on the rear of the roof, Tomas prepares to install the Land-Rover footboard. With the new suspension, the vehicle is indeed risen about 10 cm.
Two days with a very busy schedule  for the team Desert-Tec. We end our stay with a BBQ, bought the same afternoon at Fritz-Berger in Ellingen. Finally, the bulkier is the coal! 23:00, we are always outside, shirt, he made a comfortable temperature. We appreciate all the more as the month of May was not very hot.

Some of the kites that we will carry are longer than the box inside Woki. We decided to make a outside box. It’s our friend Bruno Tondellier who fully realized. It is in aluminum, measuring 16 x 8 cm x 2 m long, enough to accommodate our large kites and pole. The box was installed just before the kite festival of Fecamp, where we could test its tightness. Another big thank you to Bruno!

August has enabled us to make some changes and purchases. We installed speakers in the front doors. As there was no pre-radio equipment, we had to drill the doors for the cables. Then, we found on one of our favorite website, la Rose des Vents, a machete and a folding shovel "U.S. Army" Gerber.

We installed a splitter coupler to protect the engine battery. We chose the model IBS Dual System.

IBS (Intelligent Battery System) is a computerized dual-battery manager. Developed in Switzerland, the state-of-the-art system uses a RISC micro-computer to either isolate or link multiple batteries as needed.
RISC : reduced instruction-set computer

Normal operation separates the starting battery from the auxiliary one to safely power electrical accessories when the vehicle isn't running. An override button links the batteries for high-load uses such as winching and is also used for self jump-starting.

In-cab monitoring, which uses an LED display to show each battery's state of charge, is available. The system is offered in 12-volt and 24-volt models (controls four batteries). The IBS won a Global Media Award as one of the best new products at the 2009 SEMA Show.

We hesitated about choosing a flashlight. We were very well advised to suit our needs and instead, in the web site

Our choice fell on a flashlight LED, by ITP A6 Polestar made of aluminum. Dimensions: 48mm diameter, length 173.4 mm - 4 modes: 12 Lumens (50h) - 160 lumens (8hrs) - 700 lumens (1:30) - 10Hz strobe (10h)