Vehicle choice and layout - 2009
Contents of the Toyota Land Cruiser our other vehicles, we wanted to stay with this model. We could have removed the Clémenson making our last Toy to submit another.We have many contacts (builder, developers, etc..) But the cost of all necessary transformations seemed us unreasonable.
The choice was on the sale of our motorhome Clémenson to buy a Toyota but that we would transform thereafter. Toyota France will no longer distribute the Land Cruiser HZJ78, we met with several companies, including lounge Val d'Isère, which can import it, put it to Euro 3 standards and to register.

We decided to purchase our vehicle at Equip'Raid (Mulhouse) we know that for many years. Equip'Raid is also equipment and accessories for 4x4. Jacky Leichleiter knows well the world of 4x4s, he organizes and participates in many rally-raids.

But thanks largely to Elizabeth, who has always inform us and reassure us. Indeed, Toyota will be imported from Germany, no manufacturer warranty and it'll have to register in France.

November 10, 2008, you are done just to sign the order for our future Toyota. Beyond the simple purchase of a vehicle, it is the decision to go around the world we sign!

Woki "born" at Xtreme to Beuron - Hausen in Germany into line Euro3 standard and first registration.After many steps (thank you again to Elizabeth), Equip'Raid obtained certificates Toyota France and the "acceptance report as isolated" from the Alsace DRIRE (french authority)


Datasheet original HZJ 78
Engine: 6-cyl in-line 4,2 litre diesel, 130 hp - 285Nm at 2,200 rpm - Maximum speed: 145 km / h
Fiscal power: 14 hp - Transmission: 5 gear fwd (hi and low). Automatic and manual front free wheel hubs.
Dimensions (mm): 4995 x 1690 x 2075 - wheelbase: 2980
Curb weight (Kg): 2200 - Payload: 1000 - GVWR: 3200

white - air intake Snorkel - Sidesteps - power steering - block power - reinforced front suspension and rear leafspring - front disc brakes and rear drum brake - 750 x 16 tires on rims rimmed plate - belts front / rear + front head supports - reinforced radiator - double door at the rear - protection box transfer + tank - rear seat folding - front mudflaps

Options we have selected:
Air Conditioning -- additional tank 90l - hubs disengaged - blocking bridges front and rear - electric winch 4 t - trim altitude

Modifications in Equip'raid:
Remove rim of origin to replace the rims Performance models 7x16 max raid with Goodrich All Terrain Tires 235 / 85 / 16. The back seat was removed, we move from 5 to 2 places for the check of "Mines" (French government vehicle testing service ) and registration papers. We also opt for two polycarbonate headlight protectors from Australia adapted to the new grille.

On March 5, 2009, at Mulhouse train station, we meet Elizabeth ... That's it, just get Woki! We open a bottle of champagne for the occasion..

It only remains to convert ... We were very interested in the Toyota raised roofs that can be hired in Australia and New Zealand with the company Britz campervans. But impossible to find these roofs France.

There are also retractable roofs that offer ROY Creations (Pornic - France). Very well designed, functional, and that meet our expectations. Philippe Roy, we met at the fair val d'isere, worked composite materials to make boats, in subcontracts for major brands. Then he put his expertise at the service of his other passion: 4x4 in general, "Old Toys" in particular. He created his company casting polyester and composite materials. It is located in La Hourserie (44 - Pornic). We have always had very good contacts with Philippe Roy.

But leafing through the magazine Off Road and going through the article on the meeting "buschtaxi in Germany we stayed glued by a small photo of a Toyota, with a raised roof fixes.

With a magnifying glass we were able to decipher the logo found on the Toyota roof... Desert Toy-Tec. We are looking immediately over the Internet and find exactly what we wanted at Desert Ellingen-Tec (Germany).

After several contacts by mail and telephone with Michi and Tom, we take some days off and dash to Germany to meet them, see their achievements and have a quote. We draw together a draft development with some explanations in English. We are convinced by their manufacture!

Photo from left: Patrick in Toyota of Tom, we will make reference to the plans of our aménagment.

End August 2009, we entrust them Woki. A few weeks later we received a call from Michi: your Toyo is like a convertible! We understand that they have started work and cutting the roof is done!

Woki in desert-Tec - August 2009 - before work
Interior roof before polyester insulation
In the workshop Desert-Tec
In late October, Patrick made a return to ensure the construction, complete some points of detail and take pictures. On November 16, 4:30 am, we leave the house, direction Roissy we are eager to fly towards Nuremberg, where we expect Michi. We just get Woki!
Transformations Desert-tec photos below were taken during aménagnement
Interior design: furniture similar to "casing" very functional and quite large. We have lots of storage, for us to find the right uses. The high roof has a sunroof of 50x50 and two side windows with Springrollo (roller blind). Engel fridge MT45D of 40l behind the driver seat. The kitchen includes a work plan, a gas stove 2 burners and a stainless steel sink. When the bed is unfolded, we still have access to the sink, which is handy. 2 bottles of gas (blue camping gas) to 3kg. Eberspacher heating with a second pump to the altitude. A transformer Waeco PP300.
WC Porta Potti 345 (12l), isolated in box used for seating. Ground between the two benches, a scoop to accommodate the foot of the table. It is fixed on the rear wall of the cell. With a tripod outdoor aluminum table we'll can eat outside. On the large rear door a small table that can serve as a sideboard to take a drink with friends. Not to mention the fire extinguisher, portable 12V Viair compressor, the air extractor vetus on the large rear door, near the toilet.
External transformation: A solar panel 70 Watt on the high roof with a semi-stationary battery in the engine cover for use in the cell. Two wind deflectors for the front windows. Phonic insulation bonnet by coating yachting.

Modification of the exhaust: exhaust side for installation on the chassis of two clean water tanks 50l (100l).
There is also a tank for the wastewater of 12l. Installation of aluminum protection for transfer box. Passenger side, two Carbon Kevlar plates to dig out of the sand and in the side driver a awning. And the decor, a Globe sticker on the front of the cell, and information on plugs of our different tanks: water - gas oil, in several languages!
Woki is ... almost ready!
Tom - Michi and Patrick .. and another bottle!

A bottle of champagne and two days later .... we left Desert-Tec direction Touratech (Niedereschach - Germany) to see their browser software

The year 2009 has been mainly devoted to its registration in France and Germany in its transformation.

We will now be tamed. We have a week off to get to know, show it to friends and bring it at home.

Despite the early nights cold enough (we're late November) and non-obvious organization for sleeping, this first week is all very exciting!

Transformation by us:
We still have things to do, install the storage nets on the walls, put appropriate boxes in cupboards, make partitions for bottles, ... but our priority mission, doing covers of mattresses and cushions for Woki because it just comes with the foam cushion.
First there was the choice of fabric. We opted for a tissue type "Matrix", gray with large black numbers. We have finally chosen a more conventional fabric, the seats are small.
Having never sewn pillows, we had to find the best trick to make them easily removable, and they stand on the benches during the trip.
For photos, it's me in front of the sewing machine. In fact, it is Patrick who has done all the work of sewing, I cut the fabric and made the finish off.

For the sheets (top right picture), we took a large sheet, (2 seats) folded in half and sewn to a "sleeping bag sheet"with a return (at head) under the mattress to keep up.

As the mattress is composed in 2 / 3 and 1 / 3 that is folded in the day, Patrick find a great tip (middle):
Circling the footboard of the mattress, a small bungee, with a hook at each end. At the feet of th shette, two small straps.

When I make the bed I stare the two hooks at the two small straps.

In night version, the sheet is so well maintained. Position day, when I put the third of the mattress on the other, the bungee pulls the sheet, and the bed is ok alone!

The tests were carried out on the table in the dining room. We're still eager to validate this trick in "live" ... before the deposit of the patent!.

Mid-April we go to meetings of kites of Berck-sur-Mer. Left photo: the bed night version. I appreciate every day the system of Patrick. We just have to find another trick to raise more easily the small plank of the bed (which corresponds to one third of the mattress).

Returning Berck, we pass by Cayeux and enjoy a great time (wind and sun) to do some aerial photography by kite. Lift-off of the rig with the camera (pictured right).