History of the brand

From the precursors of the Sprinter in 1955, to the 3rd generation models (2018). The brand with the three-pointed star ...

Choice of carrier and concessionaire

What criteria to make the right choices, switch to 4x4 while staying in 3T5 ...

Our Grand Canyon S

Here, to follow the order, the delivery and the changes and transformations that we will make

Choice of carrier

At the end of 2018, after our trip to Russia, we sold our traveling companion, Woki, our Toyota, fitted out by Desert-Tec in Germany. (link to Woki –end) Since then we have been looking for a replacement to continue our travels.
Not so easy to replace Woki. At the Bad Kissingen show in 2019, we had the hope of being able to import a Toyota HZJ79 into France. After several months of waiting, we had to face the facts. This vehicle cannot be imported into France. During these months we also compulsively followed the “good” opportunities sold online….

The decision is made. We leave on a van base. But which one: Ivéco 4x4 or Mercedes Sprinter 4x4?

A constraint for us: to stay in 3T5, Patricia not having the C1 license and my B79 license not being recognized in all countries.


Which vehicle for which trip?

Like any new vehicle, the one we choose will be in Euro 6D. This can cause problems in some countries where the diesel is of poor quality, very sulfur (see our anti-pollution standards page).

First, when we collect our vehicle, we will test it on the roads of Europe. There are still some beautiful places we haven't visited.

Then we will have to sort out the Euro 6 problem to travel outside Europe. See our article on temporarily reprogramming the engine to Euro 3.
There will also be the solution of leaving a few times in a distant country (like Australia) by plane and renting a vehicle there, adapted to the country.

Here, the decision is made… It will be a Mercedes Sprinter 4x4. We join a very nice FB (Sprinter 4x4 France) group that is always ready to answer any questions.

Choice of van developer

The basis of our future traveling companion is defined. It remains to find a developer. Each one promising the best, not easy to choice!

A crush for the Regent S (La Strada). We spent a lot of time on the very well done configurator. We contacted a dealer ... and there the delivery times were very long, too long for us: an order in October 2020 for a delivery in February 2022 (no, no, I didn't make a typo).

Another developer, CS Reisemobile. The one we like is the Duo independant, which we could see at the concessionaire in La Roche sur Yon. Quality fittings, but the dining area seems a bit tight. In addition, there is only one representative in France, who works at his home, and even if he is listening, will not be able to provide any repairs because there is no workshop. And finally, not yet decided to make a separate room, with the bunk beds.

The designer Brisebras offers us a pretty cool proposition for a Sprinter: well-thought-out toilet-shower unit, dining area with adjustable table for the passenger seat, beautiful equipment. On the other hand, we have doubts about having all-terrain tires mentioned in the COC (European Certificate of Conformity) by putting them in second tire fitting.


And finally at Hymer, the Grand canyon S, on a Sprinter 4x4 catches our attention. But no online configurator, too bad. We watch several videos on the Web. We appreciate its configuration, its kitchen area with its 90l compression fridge, the accessibility to the lockers, the aft hold, 100l water tank.
However, there are a lot of options, you have to be vigilant and not be tempted to take them all ... it's a question of price and also of weight.
To limit weight and stay under 3T5: no external blind - no trailer hitch ...

Of all, it is also the vehicle with a price more in line with our budget. It is therefore the one that we retain!