History of the brand

From the precursors of the Sprinter in 1955, to the 3rd generation models (2018). The brand with the three-pointed star ...

Choice of carrier and concessionaire

What criteria to make the right choices, switch to 4x4 while staying in 3T5 ...

Our Grand Canyon S

Here, to follow the order, the delivery and the changes and transformations that we will make

Choice of Dealer

The vehicle defined, a Hymer Grand Canyon S on a Sprinter 4x4, we made contact with three dealers offering the brand. The estimates, after negotiations are roughly equivalent.
Our choice fell on the one who answered all our questions the most professionally (and we had a lot of them!) and with whom we felt the most. Listening and trust were decisive.


We take the road on October 15, 2020, direction Condé sur Vire, to sign the order for our Hymer Grand Canyon S at ULRICH Camping cars (*).

We are received by Mr. Touroude, in accordance with the rules that apply in this particular period of Covid. There is not this model currently in the dealership, but there is a Hymer with the same finish and a Sprinter.


With these two vehicles we visualize our own a little more, which we will recover in a few months, normally in August 2021

In order not to make the return trip during the day, Mr Touroude reserved a room for us in a magical place, very close to the concession.

We will spend the night at La Carbonnière (**). Very beautiful heritage, with an old chapel, dated 1335. We are greeted by Françoise and discover our room, formerly that of the priest.


The next morning, before leaving, Françoise gives us a tour of the buildings and tells us their story.
Around 1035, a “sickness center” accommodated the sick from several parishes. This maladrerie became a leper-house in 1100, at a place called "La Carbonnière". The disease of leprosy appeared in the region, on this date, with the return of the Crusaders from Palestine.

Françoise, and her husband Patrick, have made it their mission to conserve, restore and safeguard this leper-house, organized around a large central courtyard.
But the Carbonnière is above all an equestrian relay, with boxes for private horses, where Françoise and Patrick continue the tradition of breeding sport and racing horses. Passionate, they have received the EquuRES label at the Commitment level (preservation of biodiversity, the environment and the well-being of horses). We are impressed with all of the horse facilities.

If you pass by there, a very good address to remember!


(*) : SARL ULRICH Camping cars - 60 Route de Saint-Lô - 50 890 Condé sur Vire - 02 33 56 50 49 - https://www.ulrich-campingcars.fr/

(**) : La carbonnière 80 route de saint-lo, 50890 Condé-sur-Vire, France