We wanted a name to go with our World Tour, and therefore our website. We wanted him to vote in all languages, but it is more a continent than another. In addition, it must have the concept of world, photography, kite-flying and / or balloon.

In our Brainstorming WoKiPi became clear: World KIte PIcture World Kite PIcture

A good omen! In the language of the Dakota Indians (Minnesota River valley) Wokipi meant aptitude capacity. This definition, discovery after creating our association, in the Fran├žais-Dakota Dictionary, written by John P. Williamson in 1911, is an excellent fit ... we will have the ability and capacity to complete our project.
Logo created in 2012 for our next trip, inspired by Kokopelli
Logo created in 2010 for our Trip in Central Asia (2011)
This project, the desire to go around the world, is not new, it began to form in our mind since twenty years. The idea has gained ground, we have matured and our projects too. We now have more experience in all areas, used in 2011 and usefull for next trip.

The pages of this site wokipi.com not devoted solely to Travel, whose first departure was realised in 2011..

We wanted to immerse yourself in our world, to discover the world of kites and balloons and talk you a little about us through them.

Apart from photographs "classics" of travel, our shooting aerial photography be made from kites or balloons solar, depending on weather conditions.

Apart from the aero-photo, the kite serve as a means to meet the others, kite flyers or not.

Our traveling companion, Woki is a Toyota, specially equipped with a chest, enough long to accommodate our equipment.

Wokipi is also our association (Non-profit organization) whose purpose is defined as:

Promotion, practice and development of video or aerial photography by kite and balloon, in all its forms, through trips on five continents.The choice of the environmentally responsible approach is to use a technology non-polluting, quiet and environment-friendly.